Commission: Pregnancy Portraits
Commission: Pregnancy Portraits
Commission: Pregnancy Portraits

Commission: Pregnancy Portraits

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Capture the beauty of your pregnant body with a drawing. A commissioned portrait is a unique way to preserve the miracle and wonder of your pregnancy (even if it didn't always feel that way at the time).

I promise to guide you through the art process honestly and sensitively. In the end, you will have a family heirloom to treasure for generations.

How it works:

- Send me a photo of your pregnant self that you love. This portrait includes ONE person only. Let me know if there any changes you'd like made to the composition.

- Let me know if you prefer the sketchy, gestural black-and-white style, or more painterly and figurative in color. (See examples).

- Select the size of the art you would like in the drop-down menu.

- You also have the option to have your work professionally framed with me so your art arrives at your door ready to hang on your wall. Learn more about the framing process and add on your frame to your order.

My signature will be printed on paper.

You will not receive a digital file.

    What is a digital painting or drawing?

    This is art created on a digital drawing tablet with professional art tools. I draw the portraits by hand on the screen.


    You will be shown a pencil drawing preview of your portrait. At this point you can suggest up to three slight rounds of revisions, if necessary (Sketch 1, Sketch 2, Sketch 3). Once the sketch is approved, no more edits are accepted for the drawing. Then I begin the color. The process repeats: Up to three rounds of slight revisions, if necessary. If more than three revisions rounds are requested of the sketch or painting, an additional drawing fee will be added to support the time extension.

    What does "giclee print" mean?

    Giclee is French word, pronounced see-clay. It is the most superior of printing techniques. The special pigment-based inks used are archival and bond to the paper, which helps them last for hundreds of years. The ink includes UV inhibitors that prevent the art from fading. They are also delicate, which means the art should be framed safely to ensure longevity.

    How is art shipped?

    Commissions are shipped flat, framed by hand (if requested), safely packaged and mailed directly from my professional printer. You will receive a tracking number. US shipping times are generally 2-3 weeks from order date, or 3-4 weeks if framing. I have no control over arrival times once it ships out or additional fees that incur. International orders may incur more shipping fees for you and extended travel time over which I have no control.


    Internet privacy is very important to me. If you would like a portrait drawn from a photo that is private, I will keep it that way. I am extremely grateful to the families who trust me with their most intimate imagery. I have every family sign a permission slip that specifically gives you the opportunity to state your internet boundaries. I only share commissioned art with the public IF I have been given specific approval from the families.

    Full Copyright remains with the artist. No reproductions or business usage allowed.