The 2021 Mother's Day Fine Art Print Collection is here.

Commission Process


1. Photo reference(s) are approved by Artist and Client.

2. Client shares examples of their favorite images from Instagram or

3. Client and Artist select style for the art:
Review this page to see style examples.
    4. Size of final art determined by Artist and Client.


    5. Contract with agreed upon terms signed by Client and Artist.

    6. First invoice paid by Client (50% non-refundable).


    7. Artist creates 1 or 2 digital sketches inspired by the photo reference.

    8. Digital sketch(es) sent to Client.
    • 1 or 2 rounds of digital sketch revisions can be requested, if necessary.
    9. Final digital sketch approved by Client.


    10. Artist begins creating final art.
    • No changes to final composition allowed at this point.
    11. Artist presents final art to Client with commentary.
    • 1 or 2 minor edits may be requested, if necessary. Due to the nature of gesture art, some edits may not be feasible.
    12. Final art approved by Client.


    13. Final invoice plus shipping paid in full by Client.

    14. Art is safely packaged and mailed to Client.