Common Questions about Commissions

Do you take commissions?

Yes, I accept an small number of commissions based on my availability. The commission process is a very personal and exclusive experience.

What do you make commissions of?

My specialty is women and children. I have two styles you can choose from:

The first style is called Gesture Drawing. It is very loose and figurative. It is not "photo realistic" art. I emphasize emotion and intimacy and connection. These can be black-and-white drawings on paper, or in full-color mixed-media.

>> SEE EXAMPLES:  Mother's Protection  |  Inside Out  |  Mother's Warmth  |  Mother's Skin  |  Snow Day

The second style is called Digital Illustration. This is like what you'd see in a storybook or editorial magazine. These are painted digitally and then giclée printed for you on archival watercolor paper, ready for framing.

>> SEE EXAMPLES:  Amy Schumer & Gene  |  Quigley & Max  |  Birthday Girl

What materials do you use?

Black and White drawings can include pencil, charcoal or black ink on archival white paper.

When I work in color I use a mix of acrylic paint, gouache, pastels, graphite, charcoal, ink, and colored pencil. Various paper colors are available. 

My digital illustrations mimic the look of gouache, watercolor and pencil but are created with the same passion. In fact it's nearly impossible to know that it was painted digitally once it's on paper.

What is the investment?

These are the starting prices at the smallest sizes I offer. They include 1-2 humans per piece. Final investment will be determined by SIZE, STYLE, and if there are more than two figures. 

  • GESTURE ART (1-2 figures only)
    • Black and White on paper:
      Starting at $385 for 11"x14"

    • Full Color on paper:
      Starting at $450 for 11"x14"

    • Full Color painting on large canvas:
      Starting at $1,040 for 16"x20"
  • DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION ON PAPER (1-2 figures only)
    • Giclée print of custom illustration on archival watercolor paper:
      Starting at $230 for 8"x10"
      Digital file not included.

 What is the process?

  • Contact me and let me know you are interested in a commission and to see if I have an opening.
  • I will then share the step-by-step process I follow to create commissioned art.
  • Be prepared to share the photograph(s) you would like me to use as reference for the art. If you aren't sure, send me a few and I'll give you my feedback.
  • Please include examples of art I have posted on my Instagram to serve as inspiration. That helps me know what you are drawn to in my work.
  • The project officially begins when we have signed my Art Contract and 50% of the invoice is paid in full (non-refundable).

How long does it take?

About 4 weeks from start date, plus shipping time. Digital illustrations tend to move quicker. I will update you via email of the project status and my progress. 

How is art shipped?

Carefully and safely! Shipping is an additional line on your final invoice. I will include a tracking number and insurance. I have no control over arrival times once it leaves my hands or additional fees that incur with international orders. Please be patient due to extreme COVID-19 and ELECTION delays on our mail system.

Do you frame art for customers?

Not at this time.

Some tips: Canvas is a good choice if you would like large art to hang directly on your wall. Art on paper can be framed to match the interior of your home, and can be perceived as larger with a matte around it. 

Do you work with brands?

Yes! But that is very different from personal commissioned pieces. Contact me to discuss your brand project, usage needs and budget. I have over 20 years experience working with high-profile companies. My specialty is companies that support women and children, home and style, publishing, education and wellness. Clients have included Target, Minted, Milk Snob, and Scholastic.