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Mommy & Me Yoga: "Yoga Moms"
Mommy & Me Yoga: "Yoga Moms"

Mommy & Me Yoga: "Yoga Moms"

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Mommy & Me Yoga: "Yoga Moms"

16x20" Giclée print on archival matte paper.

Time flies.

We hold onto it's strings as it soars over skies.

We feel change coming but it still catches us by surprise.

Everything ahead feels so tangled by design. But can we unwind?

Release your breath, your grip, your mind.

Today is more than enough to fill your cup. 

Time has a way of slowing down when we stop trying to catch up.


Illustrated and written by Naava Katz

Part of the "Mommy & Me Yoga" collection

Unframed. Artist's name printed on paper.

HOW TO FRAME: Use a frame with a matte cut for an 16x20" image.