🤍Doors are now OPEN for Spring Family Portraits. Limited Spots.

Custom Illustrated Holiday Cards at LoveNaava.com

This year I was thrilled to launch my first collection of custom illustrated holiday cards for families. It was a great success and I'll definitely be offering it again next year. Make sure to sign up for my collector's list so you know when I open spots again. (Hint: I may even offer it for Valentine's 2023).

Here's how it worked:

Families sent me their favorite photos to use as my drawing references. Sometimes it was everyone together, and sometimes not. I think the best part of this project is that I can create your dream family portrait, even if you couldn't make it happen with a photographer. 

Some families requested new outfits, a few asked me to add in the the pets. Sometimes a family photo is perfect, except that the wind blew your hair in front of your face. Well, in an illustrated portrait, I can fix that. 

But my favorite part of this offer was that not only did the families get as many printed cards as they wanted to mail out, they also got an 8x10" print of the portrait (without the lettering). So it became about more than a "holiday card", it was a family heirloom. All those families are excitedly framing their portraits and will be enjoying it for years to come.

Would you like me to draw your family for your next holiday card? Join the list and I'll let you know as soon as spots open again!

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