About the artist

Love, Naava is a commission based art studio by Naava Katz. Growing up in New York, Naava always loved to draw people. It was, and still is, her favorite thing to draw. When her children were born, she started drawing figure art about becoming a mother and posting them on Instagram. Word spread and people around the world started collecting her drawings. From there Naava started accepting very personal commissions, especially from mothers. It was so inspiring to be able to help women see their own journey as a mother through her art.

Naava is sought out internationally for her highly personal portraits that capture the heart of the family. Through portraits, custom stationery, and event illustrations, Naava captures the spirit of a person and the twinkle in their eye.

Naava also licenses her illustrations with top clients including Target and Trader Joe's. You can see her licensing illustration portfolio at NaavaKatz.com.

She lives in Westchester, NY with her amazing husband and her two beautiful little girls who climb on top of her and beg for snacks while she draws. They are forever her muses.

See what families are saying about her portraits.