About the artist

Naava is a painter and illustrator of all experiences relating to motherhood. Her work is emotional, narrative and speaks to the heart. 

After receiving her BFA and MA, Naava worked as a designer and producer, creating award-winning media for children. She then spent a decade as an art teacher, turning her classroom into a magical oasis for kids.

Once she had her own children, things began to shift. A new identity as a mother and an artist was born.

Through her art, Naava explores the bond between mother and child. With the stroke of a pen Naava captures everyday moments that are intimate and fleeting. But still, they are instantly recognizable. Many of her collectors see the figures in her art and say, “That’s me.”

From those early sketches she drew while her babies were napping, to her large portraits now living in collector’s homes around the world, Naava remains passionate about creating art that tells a mother’s story.

Naava lives in Westchester, NY with her amazing husband and her two beautiful little girls who climb on top of her and beg for snacks while she paints. They are forever her muses.