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Printable Valentine Cards For Kids & Classroom

At the bottom of your child’s backpack you find a crumpled note from their teacher saying that the kids can bring in Valentine cards for each other next week.

Great, add that to your list of things to get done.

You jump on Amazon and start looking for something that will arrive quickly. Suddenly you find yourself in a deep hole of factory-made impersonal Valentine JUNK. You’re forced to buy more than you need, you’re zooming in on bad photos to see what weird squishy thing you’re actually going to get, and you feel guilty that now you’re adding to wasteful plastic consumerism.

First of all, deep breath. I got you.
I was in that deep hole too.

Until I decided to illustrate my own Valentine cards for kids. And make them available to you now. Instantly downloadable.

  • Print as many Valentine's as you actually need to your home printer.

  • Feel good about not wasting.

  • Feel good about giving out Valentine cards that are actually meaningful.

  • Feel good about shopping small, directly from an artist.

In summary, Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mama!




Here is my daughter working on hers. She used gel pens to write the names and glued some on foam hearts. She says she wants to add her own stickers too. What will your child do? Send me photos or tag me on social media! I would love to see.


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