How To Style Figure Art In Your Home

Styling figure art in your home is a unique way to add a narrative touch to your home décor. Here are some beautiful ideas to get you started:

Figure art in the Nursery

Adding figure drawings to nursery décor may not seem traditional, but it can tell the unique story of your own motherhood experience. Customers have told me that their young children look up at my drawings of mothers and children and say, "That's you and me, Mommy!" (True story!).


Art styled in the images above: 1. Light of Mine (original painting) 2. Mother's Bundle (giclée print) 3. Mother's Skin (giclée print)

Making Memories In The Living Room

The whole family gathers on the couch and creates memories together, so displaying art that tells your family story makes so much sense. A drawing of you and your child will inspire the stories you share with your kids about their babyhood.


Art styled in the images above: 1. Mother's Son (giclée print) 2. Mother's Shade (giclée print) 3. Mother's Kiss (giclée print) 4. First Light (original painting) 5. Mother's Kneel (giclée print)

Legacy Gallery Walls

To create a gallery wall that is personal, combine figure drawings with mementos from your family history. This can include old family photographs or documents that mark important milestones (like a grandparents high school diploma).


Art styled in the images above: 1. Promises Kept (original painting) 2. Rise and Settle (original painting) 3Mother's Team (giclée print) 4. Mother's Love (giclée print) 5. Mother's Assurance (giclée print) 6. Mother's Skin (giclée print)

Mom's Office

Even when you're not home, your work space should reflect what (or rather, who) is most important to you. Adding figure drawings to your shelves that represent your family is a unique way to personalize your office. 


Art styled in the images above: 1. Mother's Touch (giclée print) 2. Mother's Treasure (giclée print) 3. Mother's Heartbeat (giclée print) 4. Mother's Walk (giclée print) 5. Mother's Assurance (giclée print) 6. Mother's Journey

Go Big or Go Home

But wait, what if you did both? Add large painted portraits of your children to your walls to make a statement -- an artist statement, that is. These punctuated pieces are a great focal point.


Art styled in the images above: 1. Custom Children's Portrait (commission) 2. Mother's Pride (giclée print) 3. Mother's Grace (giclée print) 

Mommy's Bedroom

Custom portraits of your children can be designed to match the color of your bedroom so the look stays stylish and upscale. But most of all, figure art can make your sanctuary completely personal to you.


Art styled in the images above: 1. Custom Children's Portrait (commission) 2. Custom Children's Portrait (commission) 3. Mother's Walk (giclée print) 4. Mother's Reflection (giclée print) 5. Mother's Rituals (giclée print)

If you've purchased art from me I would love to see how you styled it in your home.

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