Letters from Collectors

Beautiful letters from my Collectors. 
"Omg, Naava!!! I love it so much, there are no words! Thank you for your incredible work, your patience and guidance!!! I can't wait to share it with my family. Thanks so much for the advice on the framing."

"I love love love it!!! I was sitting at a light when I opened the email and gasped... I think the car next to me was wondering what was making me so excited!!"

"Love it! It's perfect Naava. My family is so impressed with your talent!! This is totally my granddaughter. You have captured her magic!!"

"Hi Naava! I just opened my Mother's Day gift from my mom. It's so incredibly beautiful it literally made me ugly cry. BEST surprise ever... I'm beyond excited to have this in my home."

"This looks so great Naava!! Thank you so much!! I'm so excited about it!! Thank you again - it's just lovely. Yay!!!"

"This looks fabulous. Such a great job capturing the details. I love it. Thank you."

"I love it so much my heart is bursting out like a star!" - 5-years old

"I love seeing my picture. My favorite part is how strong and pretty I am!" - 4½-years old

"I wanted to let you know that we received your beautiful piece of art yesterday! He was beyond happy and immediately saw himself in his mother's arms! He said you have done an incredible job and that it is amazing. Thank you Naava once again for bringing my vision to life! As I mentioned before it is beyond perfect."

"I got it!! I can't believe I am finally holding it in my hands!! It is just breathtaking! It is so much more than I could have ever imagined! There is nothing like appreciating every detail in person! Thank you for bringing my idea to life in a magical perfect way!"

"Obsessed. I'm so excited for this! Thinking of getting the whole set for myself and maybe a couple of my beautiful girlfriends for Christmas. You are so talented."

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous picture of me with the boys. It totally blew me away. I can't wait to find exactly the right place to hang it and enjoy it for many years to come."

"Absolutely in love with this piece... My daughter passed away and I've been searching for connections ever since. I can physically feel this piece. I look at it several times a day."

"I've finally found a special piece for my AMAZING Motherhood prints. If you haven't heard me talking about her before LISTEN UP MAMAS!! She gets motherhood. The walk, the cuddles, the cries, the long days and sleepless nights. I purchased four AMAZING prints, one for each of my littles, each one depicting beautifully challenging times in my own motherhood journey. Her drawings have me smiling, laughing and crying every time I look at them. I urge all mamas and mama-supporters to check her out. Save a piece of your journey."

"Oh my goodness! I think I found myself and one of my boys in every image you posted. Beautiful."

"I see your drawings in my mind when we have these full-body snuggles! Thank you for capturing this precious fleeting time."

"My 6 week old was looking up at your drawing above her bassinet today in wonderment."

"Love this! It is exactly the image I had in mind when I wondered about art that represents mothers with disabilities. It is beautiful."

"I genuinely have a physical reaction when I look at your artwork. It evokes such an intense emotion. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon you."

"OMG!! This might be The One! I told my husband I was looking to expand my Naava collection for Mother's Day."

"Your work took my breath away. I showed the breastfeeding drawings to my husband and said I want one of these. Breastfeeding has meant so much to us. It was so wonderful to see such beautiful art depicting the love between momma and baby."

"I have been looking for art for my house for a very long time and I came across your page today on Minted. I am so happy to have found you. All your artwork speaks loudly to me and I cannot wait to order some pieces. Your art is simply beautiful. Thank you for what you do."

"You are so talented. Your art is so moving, it really reflects a special time in life and a special bond between mother and child. All too fleeting, but your art helps to recapture, recall and preserve it forever."

"I love the simplicity of the lines drawings. My 10 month old passed away 6 months ago and any vague or impressionistic art of little girls makes me think of her. I don't know how she'd look as a toddler, but I know the forms we would take, the ways we'd hold and play and laugh with her if she was here."

"I can't thank you enough for these beautiful pieces! Will cherish them forever. Thank you."

"Wow all of your work is so beautiful! I'm a new mum and it resonates so deeply with me."

"We are moving to a new home in March and I can't wait to use these in my bedroom near the crib."

"Your work continues to bring me chills, in the best way. You really hit the nerve and tapped into the realness of motherhood. Thank you!"

"I received my prints and they are absolutely beautiful. I hung Mother's Protection up in our bedroom right above the bassinet. It brings me such joy and peace to see it there."

"I came across your work, and it just really struck a chord with me. I don't know if this sounds ridiculous, but sitting here just wishing I was with my baby instead of working. It brought literal tears to my eyes."

"My wonderful prints arrived today. As I opened them my little girl said, 'That's you and me, Mummy'.


Mena Suvari, Mama and Actress:
"Your thoughtful work is hanging in my bedroom where I get the beautiful experience of feeling this memory each time I see it. Thank you for making it for me. I appreciate you."

Rachel Zoe, Mama and Fashion Designer:
“Can’t get over the sweetest illustration of my angel boys. Thank u. So talented.”

Emma Bing, Mama and Style Editor at What to Expect:
“Beyond obsessed with this painting of me. We love Mom artists and she’s the best.”

Mary McDonnell, Mama and Actress:
“An exquisite gift painted by a talented artist.”

Cacee Cobb, Mama and reality show star:
“So beautiful! I love it!”

Selma Blair, Mama and Actress:
“So sweet!”

Tianne King, Mama and Choreographer:
“The picture of Heaven is absolutely beautiful!!!!”

Donald Faison, Dad and Actor:
“Love it.”

Milk Snob, Brand:
“Pretty much obsessed with our new packaging! These illustrations of our Milk Snob Mommies were created by our wonderful friend, Naava.”

Kardashian Kids, Brand:
“Wow!! Amazing illustration of Forever & Ava at our photoshoot by Naava.”

Mitera Collection, Brand:
“This pretty illustration has us swooning with its soft tones and realistic portrayal of late nights with baby.”

Pediped, Jenevieve Froncek | VP of Product Development and Design
"Collaborating with Naava was equal parts exciting and inspiring! Not only is her work uplifting, it perfectly resonates with our target audience, which made working together a no-brainer! Naava, herself, was such a pleasure to work with! Flexible, accommodating and on time! I can't wait for our next collaboration!"